GenZ Founder Ryan Lange grew up in a suburban town in southern New Jersey. In 2007 Ryan found a passion for outdoor activities. Motocross, snowboarding, and hiking were amongst many of his chosen ventures. Ryan then entered high school playing football and found himself getting into fitness and running. Once Ryan went to college at Drexel University in Philadelphia, he found himself enjoying music festivals and pushing his limits in ultra-marathon races.

Ryan continued his ultra-marathon career well into college. With completing a 100-mile race, Ryan was still looking for more. With nothing to lose, Ryan signed up for the Moab 240 and finished the race in 86 hours. Here Ryan became the youngest person to ever complete a 200-mile race at the age of 20. Ryan was then invited on many motivational and mental toughness podcasts where he found a love for empowering and influencing others to push themselves to a level they could not previously comprehend were possible.

It had become apparent to Ryan was his purpose on this planet was, he was here to inspire. Ryan became misunderstood by some. “Why run 200 miles? Are you crazy?” Ryan was simply being himself and the more authentic he was, the more people he found he inspired. Now Ryan looks to help others reach their full potential. Starting with a base to forge mental toughness and find a deeper level of persistence and determination, and layering on a good training program, Ryan’s coaching will give you everything you need to become a beast.