The RaveRunner Mentality

Running is not just an activity to shed off excess beer weight. Nor should your sole intention to run stem from the desire to look aesthetically pleasing. There is no question that following a regimented training schedule will result in a sculpted physique.

In order to establish and sustain a healthy relationship with running, you need to have a deeper, “WHY.” Your “why” is what will break you through mental barriers. Your “why” is what will give you fulfillment in accomplishing a goal. The RaveRunner mentality revolves around your “why.” Running and other physical conditioning will prepare the mind for any and all challenges you may face. Whether it’s financial, physical, or emotional hardship, putting your body through the grinder will make the tough days seem much brighter.

Your “why” becomes the cornerstone of your train cycle and will become embossed into your own running philosophy. Maybe you don’t know your “why” yet. That’s fine, I didn’t find mine until I started realizing that putting my body through the extreme has shaped me into who I am today.