RaveRunner Running coach

From 5k to 200 miles

Running & Strength Training

Together we will work 1-on-1 and create a personalized training plan to build upon the fitness your body may, or may not, already possess.

Mental Toughness

Being a running coach doesn’t just mean I throw spreadsheets at you. Not only with I guide you to becoming a physical beast, but our main focus will be constructing mental fortitude to use in all aspects of life.

Advanced Nutrition Tips

No fads. No starving. No BS. I’ll help you incorporate healthy habits that will give your body what it needs to perform like a beast.


Ryan The RaveRunner Lange
Ryan the RaveRunner Lange
Ryan The RaveRnner lange

Most running coaches write up training plans and send them to their clients with an explanation of how to do them correctly. In my opinion, that is only 30% of what it takes to become a beast of a runner. My coaching philosophy puts mental training first, and physical training second. Yes, we will put in the miles based on the plan I craft for you, but we will also work 1-on-1 to callous your mind and build mental toughness.

Running coach Training Programs

RaveRunner® Pro Coaching

$150.00 / Month

RaveRunner® Expert Coaching

$300.00 / Month

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